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An active and pain-free life is one of the keys to happiness. Arthritis of any form, an injury involving joints, an impingement in a joint, a muscle or ligament tear can seriously impair joint functions. This can become a major reason for a compromised and dependant lifestyle.

Dr. Anand Jadhav, Senior Consultant for Joint Replacements and Arthroscopic Surgeries, has a dedicated and exclusive practice for joint-related disorders. He provides the most appropriate solutions to painful, immobile or unstable joints. He has been trained in the UK and worked with the National Health Service (NHS) for 12 years. His contribution to the NHS was recognised as 'Excellence in the NHS' by the British Prime-Minister, Mr Tony Blair, at his official residence at No 10 Downing Street, London, in Feb 2001. Needless to say, a very few world-class doctors are hand-picked to receive an honour of this high regard.

Dr Jadhav brings with him his highly super-specialised training and experience that he acquired from the leading surgeons at world-renowned orthopaedic centres of UK, France, USA, Switzerland, Netherlands and Germany.

Dr Anand Jadhav is the First surgeon in India to perform Reverse Shoulder Replacement as a Revision Surgery for a patient with failed shoulder fracture fixation.

As a Joints Specialist, he has treated patients from various countries of the world.

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I take an individualised approach and aim to give personalized care to my patients. My efforts are aimed towards developing a partnership with my patients, by listening to them and understanding how the physical problem affects their work and life. This helps me in offering the patients the most suitable solution for their problem. I also brief them on the recovery and rehabilitation process.


My Philosophy

I make efforts to provide advanced, up-to-date, ethical and evidence-based care to my patients.


 Reverse Shoulder Replacement Patient

Dr Anand Jadhav is an excellent surgeon who carried out very successful shoulder replacement operations on both shoulders of my mother-in-law, one of which was reverse replacement operation.....

 Hand Surgery Patient

We landed in Pune when my 11 years son’s right wrist was terribly angulated (more than 40 degree) due to inappropriate plaster fixing by the HOD of Fortis, Bangalore.....

 Bilateral Knee Replacement patient  

This testimonial is to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding professionalism, attention to detail, and skills of Dr. Anand Jadhav and his team during the knee replacement surgery we had for my mother....

 Shoulder Patient  

I am so indebted to this doctor. I have been suffering from repeated shoulder dislocation from 2007. I had tried so many things, you name it I have tried. ....


Hip Replacement Surgeries |
25th June 2019

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- Total Knee Replacement
- Total Hip Replacement
- Total Shoulder Replacement
- Hip Resurfacing
- Shoulder Resurfacing
- Revision Total Hip
- Revision Total Knee

- Anterior Cruciate Ligament
  (ACL) Reconstruction

- Posterior Cruciate Ligament
  (PCL) Reconstruction
- Cartilage Repair
- Shoulder Instability Repair
- Rotator Cuff Repair
- Hip Impingement Surgery


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  • Diagnostic Knee arthroscopy
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction
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  • Instability repair ( for primary & recurrent dislocations)
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Sub-acromial decompression
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